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Top 5: Different ways of discovering new music.

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Every time someone checks my music library I get the “you listen to really weird music” or the “I know nothing here…wait, ah yes! my Dad likes this!” It may be due to the fact that pretty much everyone who’s ever done that likes Justin Bieber or whatsherface Lovato (although there are a few songs from pop artists that I love but I’m too embarrassed to admit). Then I get the “so where do you find these artists anyway?”

Now, consider yourself lucky. I’m about to spill all the beans regarding my ninja ways of finding new music (you might know about all of these already but let the crazy girl be happy, eh?)

1. Tunefind

Tunefind is an excellent way of finding that song that was featured in an episode of that show. I know we now have apps for that kind of stuff, but I like the “old way” better, besides I don’t own a fancy mobile and my iPod doesn’t have a mike unless I plug the earphones in, and what if I lost them? (always happens) Anyway, I like Tunefind better.

2. Youtube Narnia

Oh this is one of my favourites! It works best when you watch someone do a cover of any random song. Then you click on the suggestions and then you click some more until you don’t know any of the songs or artists suggested and voila! you’re in Youtube Narnia. It’s kind of exciting and if you really like it and share it you’d be helping undiscovered artists get more views (unless the song is by someone famous but you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t know it)

3. 8tracks

I’m pretty sure everyone knows about this one, but it’s a great site and the app is super nice. Basically it’s just playlists random people uploads, you can find them by genre, artist or your current mood. Sweet huh?

4. Stereomood

This one is a lot like 8tracks but the playlists are auto generated (I think?) and are made to fit whatever mood you’re in, and plusalso they have more oldies 😉

5. The Music Maze

This site is great! All you gotta do is write any band or artist and it’ll show you five or six related artists. Reeeally cool.

So yeah, that’s it! That’s how I find my “weird” music. No offence but I think the kids from my old school didn’t really know anything about real music. There, I said it.

P.S: Please don’t think I’m an idiot, but if I hear one more time that the Glee Cast’s new ORIGINAL song is called “Bohemian Rhapsody” I’m gonna kill someone. Srsly you gotta at least know the classics!


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