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Hey, how about a weekly round-up?


I think Sunday’s ma day.

Actually no. I hate Sundays, even more than Wednesdays (we don’t talk about Wednesdays  we do not get along). But it’s the perf day for a weekly round-up. I would do Fridays and be all “I don’t post stuff on weekends” and “weekends are for family” but who are we kidding? I don’t have a social life anyway.  Tried, didn’t work. I’d rather be awkward forever.

Como sea, here are some fun links for you

Had I gone to prom last year, I’d prolly would’ve worn this.

Super cute poppy desktop wallpaper.

Cliff diving


How rad is this suede backpack?

My best friend sent me this funny video.

Red Wine Pasta courtesy of A Beautiful Mess. I’m definitely trying this!

10 ways to dress up your ponytail

And two gifs, one for the Ed Sheeran-Rupert Grint lovers and this one for all the girls out there (quite possibly my favourite gif)

Peace out.



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Hello! Remember me?


It’s been so long! Sorry about that, people on the interweb who might stumble across ma blog. A while ago I was reading Emma’s blog from A Beautiful Mess and she wrote a post about things you want to do before your birthday. I thought it was a brilliant idea, so I went ahead and wrote down 18 things I want to do before turning 19.

Some of the things on my list include watching every Audrey Hepburn movie ever made, make a new friend and finish up one of my paintings 🙂 So yeah, I’m pretty excited about this.

Also, I decided to become a Trekkie.

Aaand here’s a picture of what I’m gonna be doing for the rest of the week 😉IMG_0976


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Week two down!

Something funny happened today. Contrary to popular belief, I’m actually quite shy around people I don’t know. And today the girl who sits by me didn’t show so I was all alone. Luckily I had a book with me, so everything wasn’t lost. Now the funny thing was I didn’t even touch it! I was all over the place, talking to my other classmates and getting to know them better, (I even had a really nice conversation with cute guy) and plusalso! I helped hawt guy named Jorge with his chemistry homework, ha!

I don’t know, lately I’ve been getting really good vibes! Everything feels different this year. I feel like good things are going to come by, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see 😛

Oh and yesterday my friend Hermann and I were playing with whipped cream and strawberries, (I has hoping all the fun I had would somehow make the calories not count hehe) somehow chocolate cake got into the mix and then it was too late to go back and eat healthy. Anyhoo, it was sooo good!

Tomorrow we’re going to a little coffee shop my best friend’s boss recommended me and then job hunting. I’ll let you know how that goes 😉


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Top 5: Different ways of discovering new music.

Every time someone checks my music library I get the “you listen to really weird music” or the “I know nothing here…wait, ah yes! my Dad likes this!” It may be due to the fact that pretty much everyone who’s ever done that likes Justin Bieber or whatsherface Lovato (although there are a few songs from pop artists that I love but I’m too embarrassed to admit). Then I get the “so where do you find these artists anyway?”

Now, consider yourself lucky. I’m about to spill all the beans regarding my ninja ways of finding new music (you might know about all of these already but let the crazy girl be happy, eh?)

1. Tunefind

Tunefind is an excellent way of finding that song that was featured in an episode of that show. I know we now have apps for that kind of stuff, but I like the “old way” better, besides I don’t own a fancy mobile and my iPod doesn’t have a mike unless I plug the earphones in, and what if I lost them? (always happens) Anyway, I like Tunefind better.

2. Youtube Narnia

Oh this is one of my favourites! It works best when you watch someone do a cover of any random song. Then you click on the suggestions and then you click some more until you don’t know any of the songs or artists suggested and voila! you’re in Youtube Narnia. It’s kind of exciting and if you really like it and share it you’d be helping undiscovered artists get more views (unless the song is by someone famous but you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t know it)

3. 8tracks

I’m pretty sure everyone knows about this one, but it’s a great site and the app is super nice. Basically it’s just playlists random people uploads, you can find them by genre, artist or your current mood. Sweet huh?

4. Stereomood

This one is a lot like 8tracks but the playlists are auto generated (I think?) and are made to fit whatever mood you’re in, and plusalso they have more oldies 😉

5. The Music Maze

This site is great! All you gotta do is write any band or artist and it’ll show you five or six related artists. Reeeally cool.

So yeah, that’s it! That’s how I find my “weird” music. No offence but I think the kids from my old school didn’t really know anything about real music. There, I said it.

P.S: Please don’t think I’m an idiot, but if I hear one more time that the Glee Cast’s new ORIGINAL song is called “Bohemian Rhapsody” I’m gonna kill someone. Srsly you gotta at least know the classics!


Week 1 down, only 37 to go ;)

First week of school was surprisingly not as horrible as I thought. My gym class teacher even suggested I could do a tiny yoga segment for those who don’t want to be running around chasing balls, which is awesome and nerve-raking at the same time. I mean, I haven’t been a yogi for that long!

Anyhow, it still feels very different from what I’m used to. But change is good and who knows? Maybe I’ll even make some good friends 🙂

Last night my uncle and I watched Roman Holiday, for those who haven’t seen it and love oldies and Audrey Hephburn I definitely recommend it! She’s lovely and it’s a very cute and funny flick.

Oh and here’s a shot from where I live. Not the view from my house (I wish) but it’s a nice place I like to go to when I need some air


P.S: For those interested, cute guy hasn’t said another word! Ha! I still have 37 weeks left to get him to talk to me, right?


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School ramblings and Maya

So today was my first day of school.

I know I said I was taking a gap year. I am, err sort of. I’m going to school three hours a day to finish up my senior year since I wanted some time off school. So yeah, it’s weird I know. It’s even weirder in Chile, apparently not many people think the way I do. Shocking.

It went better than I thought it would, it wasn’t great either. Just normal. Someone sat next to me, for which I was so grateful! I was so anxious about having to sit by myself and being a loner for the rest of the year. What’s even more surprising is that a boy talked to me. Oh yes people, an actual boy! hehe. He was nice…and cute 😉 So thanks to the two of them I ended up looking forward to tomorrow, which is very interesting.

The bathroom was my only problem, I’m going to have to come up with a plan for that. It kinda looks like that place in films where everyone does crack or gets an STD. Yup, gross.

Err…enough about school! Meet Maya, my six month old kitten 🙂



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I decided to write a blog, don’t know exactly why.  I’m guessing it’s because at one point in the future I’ll need proof that I’m harmless in case I do something crazy, so this would be my way of keeping a journal of my not-so-normal ideas and a way of keeping the crazy in check.  Also, who doesn’t need a little space to vent?

This year will be all about me adapting to changes and finding a way to deal with anything that comes my way. I’m done feeling sorry for myself, it’s time to make lemonade 😉

By the way, I’m Lilac and I live in Chile.